Brooklyn’s Finest

If a seventy-fifth anniversary is honored with diamonds, how to mark the hundred and fiftieth? The Brooklyn Academy of Music’s answer: with a blog celebrating the ways in which the institution has shaped the art scene in Brooklyn and beyond since it was founded, in 1861. The blog, which has been in beta until this […]

Pintsize Presidential

At the Political Scene, The New Yorker’s new hub for campaign coverage, the magazine’s staff writers follow the day-to-day drama of the 2012 Presidential election. It’s educational, to be sure, but budding political junkies might want to start with a new app from Encyclopedia Britannica: “Britannica Kids: U.S. Presidents” nicely fills the knowledge void for […]

The Write Stuff

Digital devices are usually used for consuming information, not creating it. But as apps evolve, that dynamic is shifting, and Phraseology, which was released for the iPad in late December, is one such example. The app bills itself as “part text editor, part word processor,” which means that the documents you type also are supported […]

At Your Service

The British hit series “Downton Abbey,” as Nancy Franklin wrote in the April 18, 2011, issue, “is set in an enormous English country house, combines romance, suspense, and comedy, and has sumptuous production values and several juicy performances…. [It’s] a savory Sunday dinner of a series, an Anglophilic roast in a sea of Austenish manners-and-mores […]