April Flowers?

Early in the spring, I was admiring the flowers on one particularly beautiful Carroll Gardens block when I realized: this is weird. These flowers shouldn’t be here yet; the trees shouldn’t be so green and full. And my husband, cursed with seasonal allergies, shouldn’t be sneezing this much already. So what was going on? Mild […]

Brooklyn’s Finest

If a seventy-fifth anniversary is honored with diamonds, how to mark the hundred and fiftieth? The Brooklyn Academy of Music’s answer: with a blog celebrating the ways in which the institution has shaped the art scene in Brooklyn and beyond since it was founded, in 1861. The blog, which has been in beta until this […]

No Strings Attached

This week in The New Yorker, Michael Schulman writes about the Whatnot Workshop, a kiosk at F.A.O. Schwarz where shoppers can design their own Muppets. (Schulman accompanied Jason Segel, the actor who co-wrote and stars in the new Muppet movie and who opted to design his creation in Schulman’s likeness.) But don’t fret if you’re […]

Dumpster Dive

For decades, the Brooklyn-based artist Mac Premo has collected objects—old cell phones, baseball-ticket stubs, a friend’s extracted wisdom teeth—for use in his collages. When a move to a smaller studio required him to thin out his collection, Premo incorporated the four hundred downsized items into a piece called “The Dumpster Project,” which will debut at […]

Sky’s the Limit

The Internet has no shortage of ways to report the status of the elements, including The Fucking Weather and Is It Iced Coffee Weather? Recently, New York City residents were introduced to an aesthetically pleasing option: N SKY C uploads a photograph of the city’s sky every five minutes, as taken from outside the office […]

High Times

New York’s High Line doubled its size last week, expanding ten blocks north to West Thirtieth Street. During the expansion, the park’s staff shared videos, updates, and event information via the High Line Blog—including this video, featuring Organized C.H.A.O.S., a step team that performed June 16th, as part of the Step to the High Line […]

Story Time

On Monday, Andy Hunter and Scott Lindenbaum—the duo behind the new-media short-story venture Electric Lit—launched the public beta site of Broadcastr, a location-based storytelling project that allows users to record, index, listen to, and share stories about the places that inspired them, online or on a mobile device. So far, Hunter says, Broadcastr has partnerships […]

Josh Ritter: “Galahad”

A few years ago, Michael Arthur—an illustrator whose music-video work was included in the recent New York Times series “All-Nighters”—met the musician Josh Ritter at a downtown bar. Ritter had seen Arthur’s video for his own band, Balthrop, Alabama, and the two discussed a possible collaboration. Read more at newyorker.com… Tweet

Staff Meeting

Last week, the Metropolitan Museum of Art launched “Connections,” a weekly multimedia series featuring museum staffers—curators, conservators, librarians, designers—discussing works in the museum’s collection. Each episode has a theme: “Small Things,” “Virtuosity,” “Tennessee,” “Maps.” “I wonder why it is that we love maps so much,” muses the medieval art curator Melanie Holcomb. “I think, in […]

Guggenheim Mashup

This summer, just when it seemed that the art world was suffering from biennial overload, the Guggenheim Museum and YouTube announced a fresh approach. Their joint venture, “YouTube Play: A Biennial of Creative Video” set out “to attract innovative, original, and surprising videos from around the world, regardless of genre, technique, background, or budget,” and […]