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Monthly Archives: August 2010


Of all the art-driven iPhone apps—and there are many, including Brushes, the medium for’s Finger Painting series by Jorge Colombo—few are as engrossing as the new one from MoMA. Read more on… Tweet

Olde-Timey Is the Best Timey

In 2007, Paul McWhorter, a West Texas-based collector of vintage photographs, launched the Web site Old Picture of the Day. The images he posts tend to have weekly themes (coal mining, trains, women’s hats) with contests on Saturdays, when McWhorter challenges his readers to identify portraits of historical figures. Read more at… Tweet

Cartoon Character

When the Los Angeles-based cartoonist Jordan Crane launched the site What Things Do, his goal was to create a home for work that combined the spirit of cartooning’s past with the accessibility afforded by the Internet. Read more at… Tweet

So, Did You Hear About This Chelsea Wedding Thing?

The Wedding of the Year is over, and what have we learned? There was an interfaith ceremony; Bill lost the required weight, and then some; the cake was gluten-free. The wedding’s final price tag is still under wraps—Bryan Rafanelli, the Boston-based event planner who wrangled the affair, told the New York Times only, “I know […]