Raise a Glass

On Saturday, November 5th, three friends arrived at Music Hack Day Boston—in which developers and designers meet to build proof-of-concept sites and apps in a short amount of time—with hangovers. Needing a hair-of-the-dog remedy, they decided their hack should be a drink-recommendation site, and thus Drinkify was born. Type in a musician or band’s name, […]

Main Stream

Say you’ve got a free evening, a good wi-fi signal, and a strong desire to watch the complete works of Martin Scorsese. CanIStream.It, a search engine recently created by the New York-based consulting firm Urban Pixels, scans the databases of Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and Crackle to tell you which movies are available for streaming, with […]

New Again

October 6th was a busy day for New Directions. Tomas Tranströmer, who has been with the press since the nineteen-sixties, won the Nobel Prize for literature; amid the press frenzy that followed, the publisher pushed ahead with the scheduled launch of its revamped Web site and new literary blog, “Now That It’s Now.” The site […]

Growing Up

In the October 24th issue of The New Yorker, Elizabeth Kolbert commented on the world’s population, which the U.N. predicted would reach seven billion this week. “The question of how many people the earth can support over the long or even medium term remains, at this point, open,” she wrote. “7 Billion: How Your World […]