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Monthly Archives: August 2011

Dumpster Dive

For decades, the Brooklyn-based artist Mac Premo has collected objects—old cell phones, baseball-ticket stubs, a friend’s extracted wisdom teeth—for use in his collages. When a move to a smaller studio required him to thin out his collection, Premo incorporated the four hundred downsized items into a piece called “The Dumpster Project,” which will debut at […]

Altered States

When Macy introduced this month’s Book Club selection, “Stone Arabia,” she mentioned its focus on the ideas of memory, time, and art. For me, the thread stringing these themes together was authenticity (a sentiment shared by Alex Shephard over at Full Stop, who has a great Q. & A. with Dana Spiotta). Nik is a […]

In a Word

Do you know what “tatterdemalion” means? How about “williwaw”? Test Your Vocab, a site that collects data for an American-Brazilian research project on vocabulary, age, and education, quizzes each user on forty basic words, then uses the results to compile a test list of approximately a hundred and twenty words that represent the user’s vocabulary […]