Spot On

On July 14th, music went further into the cloud with the U.S. launch of Spotify, a music-streaming service that has enjoyed success in Europe—it launched in Sweden in 2008—and seems, after signing up more than seventy thousand paying American subscribers in its first week, poised to do the same here. The application is available for […]

Kitchen Aid

Is your kitchen less than fully stocked? Do you have a particular craving? Enter Gojee, a newly launched recipe site that takes your limited specifications—a taste for basil, or an inventory of the few ingredients you have on hand—and gives you the recipes, along with beautiful photographs, from the food blogs that supply Gojee with […]

Reading List

Yesterday I stopped at a bookstore and found myself completely unable to remember the name of “The Curfew,” a novel reviewed in last week’s Brieflier Noted. “There’s a puppet? Or, like, maybe a kid? On the cover?” My awesome clues didn’t get the salespeople very far, and I walked out instead with “The Tiger’s Wife.” […]

Sky’s the Limit

The Internet has no shortage of ways to report the status of the elements, including The Fucking Weather and Is It Iced Coffee Weather? Recently, New York City residents were introduced to an aesthetically pleasing option: N SKY C uploads a photograph of the city’s sky every five minutes, as taken from outside the office […]

Road Work

In 1947, Jack Kerouac took the first of three trips that would inform “On the Road,” the 1957 novel that defined the Beat movement. Recently, Penguin reissued the book as an “amplified edition,” and the app includes pages from Kerouac’s travel journals, letters between Kerouac and his editors, interactive maps of the 1947, 1949, and […]