Wish You Were Here

The great American photographer Ansel Adams, who once said, “A photograph is usually looked at—seldom looked into,” would no doubt be happy to learn that the Ansel Adams Trust has partnered with Little, Brown and Company to release an app for the iPad. Read more at newyorker.com… Tweet

Juke Joint

YouTube has become a go-to music player, but its one-song-at-a-time format doesn’t make for a seamless listening experience. Tomas Isdal, a Ph.D. student at the University of Washington, has changed that with Tubeify, a mashup of YouTube, last.fm, and Billboard that acts like a jukebox. Read more at newyorker.com… Tweet


My in-laws’ house is more than 115 years old, and when clearing out a newly discovered room in their basement—I think they knocked down a wall for some reason involving the heating system—they came across a stack of newspapers from 1912. In one edition, there was a full-page cartoon of Theodore Roosevelt as Icarus, his […]

More Inconvenient Truth

On November 29th, the sixteenth Conference of the Parties of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change began in Cancun. To mark the occasion, Google Earth Outreach—launched to give high-tech visualization tools to environmental non-profits and public-benefit organizations—released the latest installment of its educational videos: a sobering look at global warming, hosted by Kofi […]

Come Together

PBS Arts Online launched in August to “promote experimentation and exploration”; so far, this goal has taken the form of Flickr-group collaborations and, most recently, “Remembering Lennon,” in which fans can upload video testaments to their favorite memories of John Lennon. Read more at newyorker.com… Tweet