Read the Rich

Normally, I hate reading about wealthy Manhattanites. Look, they’re neurotic! And spoiled! And out of touch with the common man! But Jonathan Dee is an excellent writer, and “The Privileges,” his latest book and this month’s New Yorker Book Club selection, makes this potentially tired subject interesting. I still hated the characters, but Dee made […]

The Cle

It’s 62 degrees and raining: the first real day of fall. It’s the kind of afternoon that reminds me of Cleveland, where I grew up and where I returned to after college. In October of 2004, I moved from the East Side to Lakewood, to the first and only apartment I would ever have all […]


Google Street View is the perfect tool for the nostalgic voyeur. Want to see your old apartment? How about your college dorm, or an ex’s front door? Arcade Fire and the director Chris Milk—whose past collaborators include Kanye West, U2, and Green Day—have partnered to make these virtual flashbacks as emotionally fraught as possible with […]